Драйвер asus x550lc

Although the Acer Aspire VG has the same screen brightness on battery, it is much better suited for outdoor use since its panel is non-glare. In the vertical plane, any changes in the viewing position are accompanied by an immediate deterioration of the picture quality; changes side-to-side are less of an issue and only lead to a darkening of the screen rather than complete inversions, which occur in the vertical plane.

драйвер asus x550lc

Note that the screen takes on a very distinct bluish hue when the display is tilted backwards. The other competitors have similar quality screens and thus also issues with their viewing angle stability. Other X models optionally come equipped with the Intel Core iU, larger hard drives up to 1 TB, and integrated instead of dedicated graphics cards.

The dual-core processor has a base clock speed of 1. For the Cinebench R In all test scenarios, the CPU was able to maintain its maximum Turbo regardless of load level or temperature. We use the PCMark 7 benchmark test to get an idea of the overall system performance. There is no question that it is the conventional hard drive that hampers the system performance. Although a synthetic benchmark test like PCMark is particularly susceptible to the storage sub-score, the difference can felt as well: A hybrid drive or SSD drive would certainly improve the user experience.

The conventional hard drive is provided by Seagate. Alternatively, the user can decide which application uses which GPU or choose one or the other GPU to take over all graphics tasks. Compared to the HP notebook, which has the same graphics card, our review notebook was slightly slower when running the 3Dmark 11 benchmark vs. While no speed demon, the GT M allows most modern games to run stutter-free at the native HD resolution of x pixels and low to medium settings; older or less demanding games play fine even the highest settings.

To put the performance in perspective: The XLB is very quiet in idle-mode at about 33 dB and only the hard drive is audible at all times. Under medium load levels and full load stress test with Prime95 and Furmark , the fan noise increases to about 36 and 42 dB , respectively. The emitted fan noise is not at all annoying, however.

Surface temperatures were at about 30 degrees C on average on both the bottom and the top during idle. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. After a year and a half I have no complaints. The laptop is very elegant with a beautiful textured surface. It is quite slim and at a distance can be mistaken for an Apple product. Excellent build quality, fine finish and so very compact.

Hardware has so far not disappointed. One person found this helpful. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Speaker is not working.

A good laptop which delivers competent performance. Great configuration in affordable price. The resulting audio comes from a single source and lacks distinctiveness. Our tailored mix of superior hardware and optimized software improve audio quality with easily distinguishable and accurately louder sounds.

Bigger speakers and resonance chambers give a smooth, rich and detailed sound that enhance audio experience in different usage scenarios like movies and music. The five selectable modes enhance sound quality to suit different listening environments. This assures ASUS provides the most comfortable and responsive experiences in every application and at all times.

The X Series has a large touchpad equipped with Smart Gesture technology for quick and precise response across a wide range of touch inputs. The ergonomic seamless one-piece keyboard is designed to provide you the most comfortable typing experience.

It delivers naturally simple but intricate interaction, with scrolling and right clicking for access to advanced functions without a mouse. The back-assembled, seamless one-piece keyboard prevents key float to provide you with a comfortable and assured typing experience. The ergonomically crafted Chiclet keyboard design spaces out the keys to provide an improved layout that ensures typing accuracy. Без дополнительных импортных сборов при доставке!

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