Драйвер acer w3

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драйвер acer w3

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The Iconia W3 is small enough that when I held it in one hand, I was able to scroll and thumb through menus with the same hand.

When typing with the onscreen keyboard, I was able to comfortably type with my thumbs, while holding the tablet. By comparison, thumb-typing on a 10 or inch tablet is much more awkward. While the tablet is small enough to hold one-handed, the display is large enough for good but not great visibility. It was especially noticeable when watching video or reading for any amount of time. Colors look dull and flat, and fine details look grainy.

Add to this the thick bezel around the screen, and the display does a lot to leave the Iconia W3 looking and feeling less like a new innovation, and more like a budget device.

With the appropriate adapter dongles, however, you should be able to use USB storage and peripherals with little trouble, and even connect an HDTV or monitor for use as an independent second screen, with full HD p output.

Acer covers the Iconia W3 with a one year warranty. The case we were provided with had a sleek looking silvery nylon exterior and a soft interior lining. The tablet clips into a clear plastic cradle, and set at one of two angles or carried like a book with the flap either open or folded back. It has a small stand built in, but otherwise is a separate Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard itself is full size, measuring That discrepancy makes for a comfortable typing experience, but it really drives home how small the tablet display really is, and the combination of tablet and keyboard looks clunky and mismatched.

And while the Iconia W3 tablet may not be the most luxurious product, the keyboard feels downright shoddy. The plastic construction is so thin that the entire keyboard bows under the lightest pressure, and the whole thing squeaks and rattles with every slight bend.

To make matters worse, after only two or three days of only occasional use, the keyboard began having problems, registering incorrect or multiple keystrokes and sometimes a full second lag occurring between the time I pressed a key and when it would appear onscreen. The keyboard has one unique feature to it, however.

драйвер acer w3

On the underside of the keyboard is built-in recessed storage for the tablet. Click your tablet into the slot and you can carry the two together. The stability is so poor that even in these circumstances, you also need to use the built-in stabilizers, little extended tabs that stick out the back of the keyboard to prevent the tablet from tipping the keyboard backward. Performance For the sake of a low price and long battery life, the Iconia W3 is equipped with a 1.

In PCMark 7 the Iconia W3 scored 1, points, leading the category, and offering fairly good day to day performance for an Atom-powered tablet. It actually fell behind in Cinebench, scoring 0. While the Iconia W3 will do quite well for web browsing and media consumption, you may find yourself frustrated using it for more demanding tasks.